Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Relative insanity

She is known to go berserk,
Fixating on issues at hand,
Dismissed as just another quirk,
But, her manner is always offhand.
Duplicate tantrums are thrown,
At inconsequential details,
To magnitudes, quibbles are blown,
Still callously, she goes happy trails.
Not a single bone of kindness,
Seems to exist in all of her,
Leading life in ostensible blindness
And continuing self seeking demeanor.


  1. that is sad that she has no kindness and is self seeking
    wonderfully put description of a narcissist.

  2. WoW. Kudos to you! The rhyme scheme is perfect and your use of the prompt is fun and lyrical.

  3. Well I am sure we have all met her in our travels, the epitome of selfishness.


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