Thursday, January 2, 2014

Receding forward

As the year passes on
To the annals of history,
I am left at the fork,
Of seemingly a crossroad,
In conundrum, as I stand,
Peering at the horizon.
I wait, in vain, for a sign.
Turmoil within roils,
Leaded feet of mine linger
Pensive of the destination,
Moving ahead wasn’t to be
As I turn back, it dawns on me,
These are paths in illusion,
These roads lead to nowhere.  


  1. Safety in the do nothing option? Hopefully that will pass when the hurt fades. However sometimes we do tend to search for contentment when it is there with us all the time. I liked the little joke of putting the "roads lead to nowhere" in very small type at the end!

  2. Always the hardest step to take, that first one that sets you off on your journey to............where?

  3. Ahh, very good! The last two lines ring truth!

  4. I guess if we could read the fine print ahead of time, we would have a better idea which way to go at the fork in the road!


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