Monday, March 31, 2014

Open homes and hearts

Flying balloons and boards,
They beckon me towards,
AS I slowly open the door,
Anticipation, within soars.
The welcome helloes done,
And, now begins the fun,
With the crowd milling around,
There are surprises to be found.
“Charming, cozy and comfortable,
To afford, are you, currently able?
These are words strewn about,
When stories I begin to spout.
I look at some of them in awe,
In others, I find many a flaw,
There isn’t one, that’s perfect,
It is just all about the connect.
With the thank-yous, this ends,
I close the door, on my intends.
I wonder if this is in my fate?
Here, memories, will I create?
I turn back, for a last glance,
Did it sufficiently entrance?
Then, I get yanked to reality,
Finances matter, what a pity!