Monday, July 7, 2014

Sigh, sigh... cry, cry!

Disappointed, an understatement,
The look-backs and what-ifs.
Inconsolable, I am within,
All the clichés I sound to myself.
Deep down is a gaping void.
If only, just one more,
Why couldn’t luck favor?
Many a such I am asking.
Cocooned from any talks,
Everyone moves on, but me.
In denial, I steadfastly remain,
Accept, I hope not to,
Not a word about it now,
Someday, I shall move on too.
Passing time, changes all paths.
Today, I will sigh, once more.
Silently wishing an outcome,
Nothing like the one past.
It probably wasn’t meant to be,
But is there another chance?
Everyone who knows me, knows what it is. Oh! not a big deal at all, but had to mention!