Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Humble, the endeavor

Misty eyed, at the sight,
Of his glorious presence,
Otherwise languid in pace,
She seemed rocking today.
The glaring difference then
 The turnout of one other
Felt alive enough, to muster all,
She said, once of my words.
Being there was another jolt
A shot of buoyant optimism
Morale booster, was the word,
Used by a usually reticent one
That’s all that is the purpose,
To be of use to another.


  1. 'That’s all that is the purpose,
    To be of use to another.[ sounds so cynical.

  2. The endeavour seems far from feels brave...and challenging...

  3. To be of use through love or duty that is the question. They are both quite different.


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