Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day, every day!

Spurred by indiscriminate indulgence,
Source of all ills, in quintessence,
Ignorance is not an excuse here,
Living in self deceit, it does appear,
One and all, need to take an oath,
Action is needed, a jolt from our sloth!


  1. Quick-hitting and heartfelt. I am not a fan of poems that rhyme (it's a non-conformist streak, but in this case it works. Especially the call to action on the oath to sloth.

  2. perfectly put! we all need to do our share

  3. our indiscriminate indulgence does cause our sloth

    wonderfully put

  4. 'Ignorance is not an excuse here'

    Oh how true. The cry of 'I didn't know' no longer protects us. Very sharp observation.

  5. Very true, we can't keep on living ignorantly..

  6. Such a woderful thought for earth day.
    I believe that being a blogger and poet we should do our part for issues which are normally stiffled up...


  7. Love the end line rhymes here and oath sloth!

    Cool Banana's!


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