Thursday, September 23, 2010

Assuaging assonance

Poetry could be my solace,
Rhymes without reason, my support,
When life moves in a harried pace,
Some normalcy, I try to purport.

Now-a-days, I seem to need,
Not a nudge but a shove,
Unease continues to breed,
Of anxieties a trove.

My steady gait belies,
My ripened state of panic,
With a smile I try to guise,
Fears within that are volcanic.


  1. everyone goes through a little writers block from time to time. Never fear, the muse always comes back.

  2. Yeah, love the end of line rhymes, and the dead good title!

  3. Nicely said - surely resonates with me - glad to see you resolved yours!

  4. you have a way with words.
    smooth flow.
    magical ending.

  5. Happy Belated Halloween.

    Jingle Poetry Monday Potluck is open Now,

    Welcome Linking in any poem, join the fun today!


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