Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blazing Blizzard

A snowflake, like none other,
Zillions together, our lives they hinder.
Nature in her purest form of fury,
We stand a chance, before it, nary.

Cars spun around like hot wheels minis,
Passengers amid travel, brought to their knees,
Flying machines of fleeting speed,
To nature’s rage, they all pay heed.

False sense of security from size,
SUVs, leviathans strewn around like dice.
Humbled with gratitude of life spared,
Shaken by how routines were impaired.

Colossal trees snapping like twigs,
In heavy winds, all doing jigs,
Not a soul escaped its wrath,
Shuddering to think of its aftermath.

(Sunday Scribblings)