Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pause ahead!

Putting in perspective,
My disappointing thoughts,
I count my blessings
And pray for the have-nots.

This year tested me so,
Me and my dear ones,
I’d dare not lean to look
And I pray for no reruns.

In utter humility I seek,
Something to look ahead to
Will I get to dabble in
Life and its gifts anew?


  1. every word hits home for me. very strong poem. i'm hoping to be able to cherish life with gifts anew too. i've been diagnosed with colon cancer recently and sometimes worry about what the future holds. i certainly hope for no reruns. hope you & yours has happy holidays. and stay strong because you never know what good will be just around that corner. have a great day.

  2. Lovely work. I wish you only good things in the coming year.

  3. A moving piece...
    This hits hard for me as well, I am quite happy to put 2010 behind me and always look forward with optimistic eyes.

  4. oh go with the flow, here is wishing you much love in the flow ahead, happy holidays and wishes dear JS

  5. There is such strength in this. Well done.


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