Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Fabricating a life of my own,
Adamantly holding on to some
I am stunned at how much I’ve grown,
In stride, I take it all as they come.

A peculiar obsession to past,
I seem to harbor within,
Now this new life, that I recast
Keeps changing, to my chagrin.

Prompt: 3WW


  1. I like the structure of this poem. The use of bold is interesting. I signed up to napowrimi myself, but haven't put any of my efforts online yet!


  2. Each verse seemd to have a different step..the first confident..the second a little tentative...much like life I guess..Jae :)

  3. I like this. It's making me think about the difficulties of change and holding on to the comfort of what is known.

  4. Sheilagh Lee said:finding one's path and one's future is always does always change with roll with the punches as they say.

  5. Recreating one's reality requires lots of give and take. You address that, just so, in this piece.
    Here is mine:


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