Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Self – spirit and scenery

Each letter to pen is hard,
My brain seems to be charred,
A cleanse I need to effect,
Some life into these, inject.

My heart melts at my state,
Constant disarray is my fate,
Languid lethargy causes,
Life’s innumerable pauses.

Worry kneads my being,
Into submissive agreeing,
Flowing with what goes,
And, overlooking my woes.

One day, I will explode,
Today’s events forebode,
The day is not too far,
That, my life, could mar.


  1. The spirit sounds as if it is in crisis mode! Sometimes just recording the tensions in poetry can give relief!

  2. Sometimes the mind just won't behave.
    nice one.

  3. Things can get so knotted up can't describe it perfectly..Jae

  4. Sheilagh Lee said:Don't implode dear spirit sometimes you just have to take abreather get it all written down and let it go. Very well written deep felt poetry.


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