Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Engulfed existence

I shall not succumb
To the sinister dark souls,
I shall emulate the others,
The perky and vivaciously do.
Lacerating my core, and
Prodding my upbeat essence,
Is Life, but shall not win,
My psyche will ensure.
Ripe, I feel, each day
For the merciless picking,
In dignity, I plod on,
Through the swamp of being.


  1. Despite the assertion of "not succumbing", a dark undertone is present. A very moving capture of life's struggle.

  2. "Ripe . . . for the merciless picking" is a well-formed image. Good job!

  3. sometimes we feel this way other days are better.

  4. you've given me a powerful woman
    who is also humble. luv this one.


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