Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kindred spirits, aberrant merits

Delinquent in relationships,
Circumstances forced her to be,
Others sucking her dry like thrips,
While haplessly, looking on, was she.
Ignoring her own emotional wants,
Torn by regrets of aloofness around,  
Suffering through all of the taunts,
Suppressing the triggers to breakdown.


  1. yes that's what happens if you don't speak up for your self and put your foot down

  2. Speaks much in favour of women's empowerment!! Especially here!!

  3. Damn--sounds like every one of my relationships, and why I'll never be in one again. I choose badly.

  4. Sounds as though she had very low self esteem, resulting in her being used. I am sure there is someone for everyone but sometimes it takes a long time to find them.


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