Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inspired in agony

Into the depths of darkness, you faded,
Steadily into despair, I plummeted,
In the shores of agonizing anguish,  
In a sorry state, I began to languish.
Life shrouded by obscure shadows,
Soul hollowed by misery of sorrows,
Without looking back, you left,
In fading life, you left me bereft.
You were my friend and my guide,
Now, within my heart, you bide.
Living on without your presence,
Devoid of any and every pleasance.
You were the rhythm to my silence,
Even as shaken melody, you are the finest,
Your outpouring love, shall reassert,
Like a sporadic breeze in the desert.
Strengthening my resolve, I flow,
Into the unknown, with your thoughts aglow,
By your persistent zest for life, aided,
Though into depths beyond, you faded.