Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Muddled struggle

Is my entanglement my undoing?
Or is heartless the way all are going?
Every word of others I dissect,
End of the day, my heart feels wrecked.
Sensitivity has it heightened in me?
Is death the only way to be free?
Bereft of joy, I don’t want to end up,
And unnecessary emotions stirred up.
To smile, I enforce upon me, a rule.
My thoughts, I also slowly retool.
Change, I anticipate in life’s chapters.
And, forever, I shall be in raptures.


  1. it's hard to edit snd sometimes take out words that we thought were perfect

  2. It is curious how we often long for change yet yearn also for times past. I suppose that is why mankind is so foolish yet so innovative, as we are not happy anywhere.

  3. I think freedom comes in making changes...hard...but worth the struggle


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