Thursday, August 14, 2014

The lows of the high

Eradicate the sorrows of today,
Plunge in and rejoice all the way,
For there’s no certain morrow,
While through days, we all furrow.
Squeamish in happiness we are,     
Awaiting misery, that’s not far,
Silent have become the lips,
Smiles fade away into the dips.
The means of joy aren’t mercenary,
Just clichés age old and legendary,
Of little grins, the many drops,
An ocean of joy, it does prop.


  1. Yes, if we get rid of everything bad, we will be happy.

    fear of happiness

  2. glad we have the ocean of joy to dive into - looking back looms like a mushroom cloud.
    Nice to see you here at PU

  3. Those old cliches still work, I guess, if nothing new eases the soul. I like how you bring this out. We need not fear happiness.

  4. i think you hit on something there...allowing ourselves to appreciate and experience the happiness, and not fear the eventual fall of it...after so many burns we can def do that...

  5. It is only when we have lost happiness that we realize what a gift it was.

  6. Happiness is a fickle old gal but I love her when she shows up : )

  7. Squeamish in happiness we are,
    Awaiting misery, that’s not far,

    So true. If only we learned to revel in our joys completely


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