Monday, July 27, 2015

In reverence, a homage

Death beckons at will
The gentle souls fulfill
There’s an end, to everything
The precursor to a new beginning
Some things don’t make sense
Especially when all feel the absence
Inspiration he was for all
Humble beginning to top it all
On his toes, till the very end
The common he did transcend
Dreams and visions he installed
Legacies remained to be built
Sacrifices, he stirred in many
From nothingness, he taught plenty
For the children, a better morrow
A life of joy, bereft of sorrow
Ideas, he worked for, tirelessly
But destiny took him irreversibly
A fine citizen, a cherished president
Collectively a great loss evident
Mourned by his countless countrymen
His greatness hailed time and again

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