Thursday, July 9, 2015

A day from the past, today

I seek ways today
To pay my tribute,
There seems no way
Attempts seem moot.

Stuck up and formal
The very word sounds
Not meant for you
Whose laughter abounds.

I think up rituals,
Ceremonies and rites
I plan to recollect all
Of the sounds and sights.

Nothing will bring you back
That hits me hard
No matter what I do
From life you are barred

The loss shall remain
The ache gnaws away,
Time lessens the pain?
But not like what they say.

Destiny and fortune, I
Seem to call out much,
For want of anything better
That will calm me much.

As long as I can
Smile at thoughts of you.
That shall be my homage,
From my heart comes true.
Remembering you, today and always... I pray, it stays that way  

Happy Birthday!

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