Friday, December 18, 2009


A connection I had slowly built
A familiar face among the many,
Life has to go on, doesn't it?
As if happenings there weren't any.

A dull day it was overall,
As a fellow being affected I am,
Not a thing over which to bawl,
but my days shall take a slam.

Sending out a prayer unspoken,
For the well being of one and all,
For the one to recover from broken,
Give out good wishes, I shall.


  1. I like rhymes too. I've been reading a lot of 'freeverse' on various sites, and am slowly but surely becoming accustomed to it. Nevertheless, rhyming poetry is still my choice of genre. I am a new blogger, and am just finding my feet with my own site. I've just posted some more of my poems on there.

    This is a good poem: I particularly like short poems, as more often than not you can absorb the content in its entirety within perhaps two readings (if it is not too cryptic). Life is hard sometimes, especially when it concerns relationships! We sometimes think that we are the 'god' of ourselves 'I am', and that we have relative control of our own destiny, but so many factors come into play, such as peer pressure, upbringing and experiences, etc. Heartache and pain, it seems, is regrettably synonymous with life itself! I like the last verse, it expressess that you are a caring peron, and regardless of your own strife, you are looking out into the world
    and thinking of others in a similar situation, or worse. It seems, if you look, there are always other people worse off than yourself, regardless of your situation. I hope things get better for you (I have presumed the
    poem is about yourself). Take care. Bye.

  2. Just Someone this is one that touches my heart in ways you'll never know. Our days definitely take a slam and we're left to wonder how to pick up the pieces again. Just know that you're never alone. I'm always an e-mail away.

  3. This time of year seems to elicit some really emotional poetry.
    Thanks for letting this one go.

  4. Hi JS, I have been catching up your poems on Reader and mean to comment here earlier. You really have a way with words..!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, looking forward to more of your work in the days ahead.


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