Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not my day?

Life seems to have become caustic,
Run far away, can I, from it all?
Sacrifices I make, feel like, in vain,
into any hole, can I just crawl?
I have a hunch, today isn’t my day
I am going to just, sit here and bawl!
that brings me to, do I even have a day?
and, that gets me into a violent squall!


  1. We all have our caves we crawl into and try and ride out the storm. I can feel this.

  2. I'm with Thom - there are days I need a cave, or a hole I can crawl into and pull in after me :)

  3. we've all seen days like this where all we want to do is crawl into ourselves and cry, release. afterwords we return to life and continue those sacrifices, sigh. with some luck though there will be that one sacrifice that'll give us hope and happiness. in the end that's what we truly hold out for. hope things look brighter soon.

  4. love the thoughts like walking a ladder upsidedown... the invisible thing works for me... or wearing a crown i got at a garage sale... monster moves

  5. Sure resonates with me! I like the direction you went with the prompt words!


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