Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rambling jabber

Pulsing through the mundane,
Hanging on by the frayed thread,
Awaiting life’s mysteries arcane,
Patient I am mixed with dread!

Weary I am just by living,
A day to the next, is a chore,
Consumed further, by the reliving,
Picking up the shards, a furor.

In these verses, I seek,
An outlet for the maladies,
Through these I try to speak,
Without committing a reprise!

A break I need, don’t we all?
The how of it, is the ordeal.
Of chaos, there is a squall
Life, still continues to appeal?


  1. I know that weariness, but we must go on.
    Great words.

  2. I have no clue why you keep ending up in the spam filter. Maybe it's the length of the URL you try and leave? Do you know how to code an HTML link? Maybe try that...

    Anyway, great poem, as always. certain lines struck home - as always. You have a way of doing that.

  3. Yeah, love the way this rattles along!

  4. "A break I need, don’t we all?"
    Amen to that.

    Thom was talking vacations in the post to his piece... sounds like one may be well deserved for yourself as well. :-)

    Well done, reflects a feeling I'm sure many of us have had.

  5. You hit the spot on that one. Glad for the appeal of life as written in your last line.

  6. this fits my life so neatly right now. but, somehow we do find ways to move through the bothersome weariness and find a certain happiness that's all our own. thanks for sharing such a heartfelt poem. also, thanks for stopping by my new blog.


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