Monday, January 31, 2011


She loved him for an eternity,
Invisible, she however, had been.
Safe she felt in his vicinity,
Women then weren’t heard, just seen.

Decades ago it was, she lost count,
A shy smiling bride, she recalled,
Waiting for her groom to dismount,
Her friends, at his sight, enthralled.

She had hovered in shadows, forever,
Fishing around for his compliments.
Of respect to her, there was endeavor,
Of love, existed sporadic elements.

A second wind, she hoped to catch,
Past their prime, when they’d be.
Hoping now was just a random patch,
After all, together they were meant to be.

For her, love was just a salve.
To have her socks blown off,
She didn’t ever look to have,
Just enough, so no one would scoff.


  1. How sad. If I'm reading right, she is a married woman, older, trying to rekindle romance in her marriage on the Titanic?

    I am sad for her, because it seems like she never had it in the beginning.

  2. Nice flow and it carried a pathos well.


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