Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buoyant bravado

Courage I need to take the plunge,
And the nerve to, the past, expunge.
Dare I rock the boat of familiarity?
Move on with an air of temerity?

Adversities, one after another, hit
My own worrying adds to the bit.
Getting through the days, one by one,
Motivation, to enjoy, there is none.

Fear for loved ones, tops the list,
Professional life too is in a mist,
Trying hard, in self pity to not wallow,
And, the greats, in spirit try to follow.

Come out of this, unscathed, I shall,
Prayers and faith, will break my fall.
Healthy and happy, shall be one and all,
Hardships blown away by a squall.

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