Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To meet again,

A happy goodbye,
To a valued colleague,
Adventures will satisfy,
His zest for intrigue.

Not to taint the moment,
With sadness or regret,
Just an upward ascent,
Of deadlines, not to fret.

Look forward to the prospect,
Of plausible chances,
Crossing paths to connect,
As life slowly advances.

A willing participant,
He used to be in all,
With laughs, he can enchant,
And, in life have a ball.

Missed he shall be,
As he crosses the sea,
Welcomed he will be,
Back here, if he needs to be.


  1. I'm glad you have such
    genuine affection
    for your colleague
    you've just mentioned

    I've become addicted to rhyme
    Better stop while there's still time

  2. It's hard to rhyme in poetry, but you've done such a wonderful job with this. So many great lines.

  3. Just want to say hello and let you know I enjoy your poetry.


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