Thursday, February 2, 2012

Committed conviction

Like a coward, I want to run
From what life has sprung,
Like a juvenile, I want to shun,
Growing wise and remain young.

Like a naiveté I want to believe,
And beckon my surging faith.
Like an optimist, I want to be relieved,
And in hope, myself swathe.

Like a realist, I want to be jolted,
Out of my self-imposed stupor,
Like any concerned, I would be revolted,
And, in respect, rejoice at the trooper.

Like a loner, I wouldn’t be detached,
Plunge in, into the thick of things.
Like a believer, I would be latched,
In prayers beneath the angel’s wings.


  1. I like the second verse best (not a poet, not sure if that's called a stanza). There's something delicate and innocent about it and it speaks to me. Lovely piece :o)

  2. Interesting journey of awareness with satisfying conclusion.

  3. It's always good to be aware of how our inner feelings are to thy own self be true.:)


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