Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trek to tranquility

The angelic countryside beckons,
Fostering the thrill of journey,
Where the destination doesn’t ruin,
The passage to a voyage, albeit, stormy.

Idyllic, the pace in life, appears,
Tranquil thoughts, rid of burden,
Annoyance ebbs, soon to evaporate,
Reveling in gratifying delight is certain.


  1. You describe in a few well chosen words how that journey relaxes you into contentment.

  2. Trek to tranquility is a fantastic hard we have to work to find peace..nicely done..Jae

  3. Many make the mistake of thinking the journey is real. But, to find our true peace, we need to journey within, you describe it so well here.
    Lovely writing.

  4. Wow.. Akka, great description. Sounds like you were alongside on one of my treks.. Good one.


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