Friday, October 18, 2013

Food, glorious food

Image: Google search
In all hues and colors,
In wide spectrum of flavors,
Arranged in gastronomic order,
People seated in patient ardor.
The magic was in the hands,
Of the chef, catering to demands,
The process a sight to behold,
Proof is in the eating, I am told.
Of flavors, a delicate interplay,
From sweet to spicy, it sways.
Seasoned in perfect accord,
Of tastes an infinite horde.
The  savoring is captivating,
As patrons await salivating,
As amid scene and scent oscillate,
The zesty essence dominates.


  1. I have never forgotten a chicken dish Mrs.Patel sent over one day and sadly have never had it again. Her daughter told me she never wrote down a recipe so she couldn't give it to me. Delicious though.


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