Monday, October 14, 2013

Meeting place

Prompt courtesy: We write poems
I hardly contain my excitement,
At the prospect of an encounter,
Is there the perfect one, ever?
To take on my muse’s character.
Can there be the sanctuary?
The kind that can impart,
Wings to the humdrum pen  
To turn words into works of art.
 Is it just the unassuming chair,
And the mundane cluttered desk,
Or need it be  wistfully quixotic?
The quaint café with patch picturesque.
Do I really need any of these?
Or am I seeking out props?
Is it just enough to have –
My words and my thoughts?


  1. It is all about our words and thoughts, Anya. Thanks for joining in.


  2. I like your take on the prompt....we think of a meeting place sometimes in mundane terms -- like a restaurant, a pub, a library, etc. but you went to the next level, about how you meet your muse. And you pose some very thought provoking questions to the reader in the last stanza.



Thank you for reading; and thank you in advance for the feedback