Friday, October 18, 2013

Ignite the imminent

Marking the 500th entry, a wonderful journey, with hopes for more...


The day started out as any other,
Peering into the mirror, into my soul,
Going through the motions did smother,
Felt like, a smile to myself would console.
Time ticked by, as wait it did for none.
Though a creature of habit, I stood rooted,
With the routines, I seemed to be done,
This spark had come at a time, well suited.
In a divine calm, I felt soaked,
A smile in my lips and a skip in step,
A mix of glum and glee it evoked,
As I slowly wove my way out of the web.
Years of comfort built, held me back,
This place seemed part of me, extended.
Till this moment, when I was hit a smack,
Life as I knew, would soon be amended.

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