Thursday, June 19, 2014

Irresolute concession

Connive is what life does,
Against my apparent resolve,
Coming out top on a day,
I assume there’s success involved,
But is vehemently denied to me,
As everything begins to devolve.
Intrigued, I still am enough,
Challenges, as I try to solve.
One after another though,
In the downs, my life revolves.
Since I haven’t been broken yet,
Now waiting for the strength to evolve.


  1. Life throws awful challenges and curves but we survive and move on I love the way you put it. it's very hopeful

  2. Anya... life is so fickle... everyday is unlike what we expect... some good some bad!! you have put it all up so politely!!

  3. Life is a tricky beast to deal with, this is for sure. We want it to like us but should be satisfied that it merely tolerates us.

  4. hopeful and motivating,well crafted poem

    My Entry The Path

  5. What a strong resolution..and poem


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