Monday, June 16, 2014

There I go again

Today, as I rejoice in celebration,
I can’t stem the deluge of tears,
Over the lost moments of life,
And opportunities’ missed over the years.
My utopian ideals lets me down,
Every now and then, it appears.
I try to squelch it and move on,
But toward it, my thoughts get steered.
Perfect, a picture I paint,
Father who roots and cheers,
The mother, an epitome of wisdom,
The little ones, two, are dears.
Yanked away by stark reality,
I paddle on, trying to steer,
Yet again, I do concede,
That I have to switch gears.
That brings back the heavy heart,
By the time it begins to clear,
There it comes, all over again,
‘The tide in the affairs’