Monday, June 16, 2014

There I go again

Today, as I rejoice in celebration,
I can’t stem the deluge of tears,
Over the lost moments of life,
And opportunities’ missed over the years.
My utopian ideals lets me down,
Every now and then, it appears.
I try to squelch it and move on,
But toward it, my thoughts get steered.
Perfect, a picture I paint,
Father who roots and cheers,
The mother, an epitome of wisdom,
The little ones, two, are dears.
Yanked away by stark reality,
I paddle on, trying to steer,
Yet again, I do concede,
That I have to switch gears.
That brings back the heavy heart,
By the time it begins to clear,
There it comes, all over again,
‘The tide in the affairs’

1 comment:

  1. This is amazing, more so because I can relate closely to it, especially the first two stanzas. I have be criticized quite often for being too utopian and theoretical in life but it is too difficult to break away from the picture of life as it is supposed to be and accept life as it is. The consequence is inevitably, the deluge of tears within the joy of celebrations.

    Beautifully penned.


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