Friday, August 21, 2015

Off you go... yet again

The ding of the ringing bells
Woke me up from my reverie
Sweaty palms and parched lips
Put an end to any revelry
Dreams, no, nightmares
Plagues all of yesterday
An apprehensive optimism
For it was ‘back to school’ day
Books and pens, my first love
Armed with thirst for knowledge
Like New Year’s resolutions
Many things today, I pledge
The first week flies by
Reconnecting rediscovering
Then begins the hard work
And at the teachers’ cowering
Days go by in rapid pace
The its time to test
Hours as I pore over my books
I meekly let out a protest
The realization sinks in
The teachers stand firm
Gently guiding the astray
With pride, your work, affirm
And, it is all over
Times to say goodbye
But one things stand out
The strong bonds of an ally.

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