Friday, August 21, 2015

Train tales

I am left with the shake
The aftermath of a locomotion
The big beast of burden
Just whizzed by this station
Like rooted in time, I stand
Unable to process it all
If not pulled away
I could stay till nightfall
The 70 coaches fly past me
he passengers waved and smiled
I soaked it all in with feeling
For after all I was a railway child.
The hustle of the world
For all of five minutes
Embarking of its journey
The lifting of my spirits
Snaking away slowly
Way past my line of sight
I am left pondering
At my lonely plight
Goodbyes are hard
But its only until next time
Then a cheery hello
Such is, of life, the clime.
Photo credit: Douglas Salisbury (through Imaginary Garden with Real Toads)