Friday, January 1, 2010

A note to you, my dear!

With your words, you astonish,
Is there anything, to you, unknown?
Lovingly, our lapses, you admonish,
We wonder where time has flown!

Math interests you, more than ever,
Geography is your newest delight,
Read, you do, with zealous fervor,
Not to mention, how well you write.

Your artwork never ceases to amaze,
The confident strokes in bold color,
Your gallery puts everyone in a daze,
Splendid, it shone, in its grandeur.

Forever gracious, you are to all,
A great friend, you always are.
As everyone who knows will recall,
Your kindness reaches near and far.

Counting down, as you did,
Braving through midnight hour,
Just then, doubts any, were rid,
Of the goodness this year will shower!

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