Friday, June 18, 2010


Relationships lead to resentment,
A two part indenture it is,
One milking the other and t
The other coughing it up
Giving a bit of a drama
In the otherwise dull life
One party hungry for comfort,
Seeking appreciation, praise
The other dangerously unaware
Too self absorbed to care?
Parenting is hard work,
Being a offspring harder,
Divvy up the blame, can it be?
There isn’t any solution, ever,
There isn’t an escape either,
Inevitably intertwined, lives are
Worth a weighty ponder now
and again, while on a stroll
under the dim shiny stars
in the dark night sky!


  1. oh, yes, how parenting is like this! you've captured it!

  2. Very true, parenting is hard work indeed. Good work with using words from the wordle, and nice to meet you.

  3. "A two part indenture it is" - such a great line for the parent-child relationship.

  4. Quite astute here...the piece had a nice twist in the middle as I at first thought it was about a "couples" relationship, then to find out you were writing on the parent/child relationship gave me a nice, AHA!

  5. I had the same sense that Cynthia did.

    "Inevitably intertwined, lives are/ Worth a weighty ponder now"

    That and indenture are nicely put!

  6. Being an offspring harder? Debatable point. Both roles are hard .Nature is clever.Parenting is attractive when you are young
    energetic and stupid.If you were older and wiser you would not consider it as an option imo!

  7. Oh, indeed! A straightforward poem full of power and full blown thought!

  8. ah tell me about it...lots of hardwork...


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