Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In which I create

To write, I set out with the greats,
Enthusiasm, a pot full, I stirred up,
Weakly to inject, I tried to, some humor,
A little style unique to me, I worked on.

Shot down, I thought it was all,
Rejection, I felt, I was facing.
Or was it acceptance shrouded
In veils of ruthless editing?

Obscured are the lines between
Hassle it is to totally decipher
Withdraw within, the old me would
Give up quietly and mourn it over.

The new me, is born today,
Write she wants to till she drops
To her heart’s content churning,
A wealth of ideas she has, to share.


  1. I love this, "the new me is born today." I relate so well. I had to get beyond the sting of rejection and its accompanying fear to really revel and experience creativity as its own experience. Yay for you! :)

  2. liked the enthusiasm in last lines :) perfect end .

  3. Nice! I read it twice. I've been working on a new me for a couple of years...hard to decide what I want to be :-)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Your words speak familiar feelings to many of us I am sure. I also enjoyed the new hope and determination at the end of the piece.

  5. very nice - the style works wonderfully well with the chosen words and line layout.

  6. Those feelings are common to us all, I think. There's a fine line between learning from feedback and giving others so much importance that your muse flees in frustration.

  7. This has such a sweetness to it. I like it.

  8. i can relate to this - and oh so prfectly!

    very full of life!



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