Sunday, April 5, 2015

Venerable vegetable

A stroll in my garden,
Past the lush and lively beds
The sustenance of humans
The greens and the reds.

Flowers bloom as they do,
But what makes me glad,
Is the freshest of produce
The healthiest of spreads.

Bell peppers and tomatoes
Lettuce, Spinach and beans,
There?s Zucchini and squash
And pumpkin in the scenes.

Okra in bunches stand tall
Eggplant shows its hue
Radishes in white and red
Beets and berries in blue.

Varied in shapes they are
With the seasons, they grow
Sized in miniature to large,
Their grandeur they show.

A day I overlook their care
They shrivel and give out,
A little love and warmth
In leaps and bounds, sprout

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