Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An agonizing account

Criticized, she was today,
For leading her life astray,
Amplifying issues, they alleged,
Unpleasant memories, it dredged.
She was moaning, they barked,
In exasperation, she remarked,
It can never be just one’s fault.
Though it all, she did vault.
Then one day, something snapped,
Reached within, at skills untapped,
Discarding the cloak, that was her past ,
Onward to her goals, she surpassed.
Moving on beyond banalities,
A small price to pay, the causalities,
In serenity and peace she was,
Nothing short of a rebirth, ‘twas.


  1. yes sometimes you just have to reach inside and get that serenity and peace. wonderfully put

  2. It is amazing what untapped potential lies within us all. It is quite interesting to look back on the person you once were and see how you have developed.

  3. I like the tension in this piece. It is the perfect tone for struggling to move beyond the past.


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