Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My little hero

This little girl trooper extraordinaire
Smiling though it all, she declares,
“Let this syndrome – beware”
With my braveness, I will ensnare.
Every day, about her, I wait to hear,
Nothing will, of her spirits, deter.
Standing up to it, she prefers,
Of the disorder, she is the saboteur.


  1. Anya, this is definitely a brave little hero.

  2. Absolutely. Thank you for sharing this, Anya. We are so pleased to welcome you at Poetic Bloomings. I hope you will consider posting your poetry on site as well as the link to your own excellent site here. We encourage sharing in our little poetic "garden," as it is much easier for some to not click to other sites, and all of us in one place fosters relationship. :) No pressure ... just a suggestion. Your voice is just lovely!


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