Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mystified misgivings

Downhill, my life seems to go,
Crashing into the dark trenches,
The strength I seek, eludes me,
The waterfall of hurt, drenches.
A river of agony washes over,
Taking me to the ocean of despair,
Baying, I moon around in the jungle,
Murmuring a helpless prayer.
From mountaintops to gorges,
I hunt for my vanished joy,
Confined within, like a lake,
Days continue to be a decoy.
A stream of love, is all it will take,
To break this flow of gloom,
With a splash in the pond of inclusion,
Under the stars, I try to bloom.


  1. i moon around the jungle and a stream of love, is all it will take were my favorite lines. i dig the counter-intuitive way you wrote of the river. your use of inclusion is sensational, i say.

  2. "Under the stars, I try to bloom". I love that note of hope!

  3. I also really enjoy your use of moon! Excellent writing!

  4. …sounds exhausting! Reallly, it takes but just a little "splash" to make it all worth while. :)

  5. a great take on the prompt and the closing line is so shiny...

  6. Your use of "moon" as a verb should be a signal to the rest of us that we are not fully exploring the meanings of words as we use them. An excellent lesson in a lovely poem.

  7. I too love your use of moon as a verb! I love your poem *smiles*


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