Thursday, April 27, 2017


I wince in regret at my day,
Up I am at crack of dawn.
While over the tasks, I slog away,
Others waltz in, unconcerned thereupon, 

A pest of a crowd around me,
Ignorance, they pride as festoon, 
Rambling away nonsensically
While the wasteful, I try to prune.

In disappointment and remorse
I moan my daily chaos,
Like the oft ignored workhorse
I rue my conscientious ethos.

Hiccups arise, one too many,
While at my cost, I traipse
Appreciation, there isn't any,
A slight miss, but gets the scrapes. 

For today’s prompt, write a regret poem.

For today’s prompt, use at least 3 of the following 6 words in your poem (using a word or two in your title is fine); for extra credit, try using all 6:
  • pest
  • crack
  • ramble
  • hiccup
  • wince
  • festoon


  1. It does seem that, fir years, duties and work takes up too much of our time...glad you found time to write this poem!

  2. Regrets can eat us... hope you can recover

  3. I feel it helps to write down our feelings..

  4. It occurred to me that we see ourselves differently than we see others. They look OK, but who knows how their own subjectivity is affecting them inside. I liked the phrase "pest of a crowd".

  5. I like the rhyme and rhythm in this poem - it reads like a harried day!

  6. Hah! I feel this, the daily mundane.

  7. We march you our days often in repetition of the angst of the day before.


Thank you for reading; and thank you in advance for the feedback