Monday, July 27, 2009


Today, I am on cloud nine,
Ecstatic I prance around,
Disbelief and privilege combine,
Gratitude does abound.

Someone I greatly admire,
Kindly gave me an award!
First ever in the blogsphere,
To rejoice, I can afford!

Continue to pass this on, I shall,
To seven others as directed,
Them and others et al
All of whom well respected.

Seven favorites of mine,
Here I shall soon list,
In my own way, I define,
From ordering I shall desist.

Blogging1, I made few friends,
Brought me a feeling of belonging.
To bookstores2, my love extends,
All loved ones3, I think of with longing.

Helping others4, I always want to,
Giving gifts5 is yet another,
Cute little things6 I collect too,
But save money7, I’d rather.

Typing away, I pick you,
Lakshmusings as well.
Firmly rooted is chosen too,
On Just my way of thinking I dwell.

ThomG is an awesome read.
Just a mother of two is one more,
Rude Cactus, I lurk, I cede.
There are many many more I adore.

Here I add a word of mention,
A note of thanks included.
To the awesome Poefusion,
And all great blogs here alluded.


  1. How sweet JS, thank you. So many people here I havent seen in a long long time, hope all are well...I am truly honored to be in this list.

  2. Very nicely awarded!
    thank you for the honour!

  3. I feel honored for the award, JS! First one ever in such beautiful verses!

  4. I am honored. Honored. And a great way to make the selections, in prose.

  5. What a beautiful poem with your list of 7 things and seven blogs included. Thanks for the mention.

    I didn't know until you left a comment today that it was your first award. I'm so pleased I could make your day. You're a good writer, one whom I enjoy reading. Keep up the good work. Have a great night.

  6. THANK you!!! You made my day really. Lovely, lovely way of passing on the award. Perhaps, this will cause me to break my hiatus? :)


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