Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The year that was...

January with its wintry cold,
Came and went in a flash
Snowstorms are no fun, truth be told.

February was here, short and sweet
A special one, with a day added
Chilly winter continues, hail and sleet.

March we saw slowly arrived
Sun shone away some of the frost
Everyone awakened, plants revived.

April was just a breeze
Spring is here, all declared
Allergies it brought many a sneeze

May was here, was barely a blur
Time to make some memories here
Warmth it brought on its way to summer

June danced by, always speeds
Bringing some vacations in its wake
Along with the laziness it breeds

July appeared with a bang
Picnics and fireworks, one a many
Independence, as everyone sang

Then it was time for August
Autumn’s here, time for fall
All good things, end they must

September drove by soon
Labor hard, as schools will open
All around leaves are strewn

October came and went unnoticed
Pumpkins and people in costumes
Nature with all its colors enticed

November dashed by real quick
Time to look back and give thanks
A big feast should do the trick

December soon made its mark
Holiday season with time abound
A cycle ended and on to new we embark

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  1. and so time flies fast...years turn into decades and more.loved it.


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