Saturday, April 5, 2008

Infant indulgance

A baby in the house is a gift,
Lifestyles though, may need a shift.

Midnight feeds and a few many more,
Sleepless nights and days galore,

But one whiff of their sweet smelling head,
Will make you want to have more instead.

Babies have their own pitter and patter,
Once you hear it, nothing else will matter.

Then, as they grow a little more older,
You have in your hands, an active toddler.

Sulks and tantrums have their share of fun,
Just imagine if there were more than one.

Little older, as you soothe their scrapes,
In pretend play, they hold fort under the drapes.

Onto pre-schoolers with a mind of their own,
Nothing you say will ever slow them down.

Time just flies, as you enroll them in school,
Slowly they begin to think, you are far from cool.

Still amidst all the scramble, there is that day,
When you wouldn’t want things to be any other way;

They, then seem to grow just too fast,
All these good times, in memory, will last.

Their language and gestures, as you try to discern,
You see that your lessons, they did seem to learn.

On to greater things, as they fly out the nest,
In the sidelines, you stay, wishing them the best.

Soon enough you see that the cycle continues,
Your little one is a parent, paying the dues.

Up and downs, it is a roller coaster,
Before it all, courage, you must muster.

Parenting books may all seem so wise,
But, if nothing else works, you just improvise.

Hearing all this, would I want a baby?
If not a yes, its definitely a maybe!


  1. oh yes, yes, yes - dont ever miss out on getting on that rollercoaster...its well worth it.
    loved this so much, will have to write one today...i hope to find the time...weekends are so busy.

  2. i love this, so true and so well described. my daughter is in college and my son will be in middle school next year. so soon we have to let them go...but no, i wouldn't want another!! (grandchildren...yes!)


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