Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture perfect...

Her exquisitely striking picture,
Reflected a perfect structure
There was not a flaw to be found,
With charm it was abound.

Deep black eyes glancing,
A smile, in them dancing,
A pleasant face so glorious
In appealing to all, it’s victorious

A grin that is bright and gay,
Contentment, it does portray
Bathed in basic simplicity,
This painting was really pretty.

Balanced carefully, with a prop,
People, who pass by, make a stop,
to glance at this impressive beauty,
The greatest work of art ever to be!


  1. A flawless picture? Definitely the most beautiful thing to see.

  2. perfection indeed. very nicely done.

  3. Wonderful! Sounds like the Mona Lisa...

  4. The dream of every artist, I think.
    Nicely done.

  5. Now I'm curious. Did you have a certain piece of artwork in front of you when you were writing this? You captured what every artist wishes to do, very well. Nice job. Have a nice day.

  6. Was she really like that? Or did the artist or viewer see her that way?

  7. Yes... reading the comments I do think she fits Mona Lisa; though I did not have that in mind ( I was thinking more on the lines of paintings I had seen in India, of Ravi Varma) and yes, it is just in the eyes of the beholder!


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