Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am blossoms

Budding tiny pink blooms,
In my backward, I see,
Awakening to light, as spring looms,
Making the spirits soar, in me.

After harsh wintry days,
Just as I look forward to life,
Their fragrance fills up the space,
Brightens me up - as happiness is rife

Gently, as the wind blows,
I try here today, to be resolute,
A carpet of pink slowly shows,
Spreading in me, a joy absolute

Flowers to leaves, with passage of time,
Going through the cycle of life as I do,
The tree stands tall, in their prime,
Onward I move, without much further ado.


  1. oh no - where did my comment go? I wrote a mile-long comment here yesterday and it just vanished,wow! But as always it was along the lines...of 'my heart blossomed with your words of spring' keep writing. BTW, do you mind if i add you to my blogroll at Typing Away?

  2. Sister dearest.. U are getting toooooo good at this.. Proud of you.. Keep it going till the end..All the Best.. K & B. :)


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