Friday, April 25, 2008

Creative exercise

Unless I keep writing, my skills will molder,
Especially since, now I am getting older,
Writing is a passion, creativity my motive,
April is a month to pen, to keep up my votive.
Distractions everywhere, I have to manage
If I do focus, I can create many a page,
The key is to sort ideas, maybe splinter
To keep on writing, without any linger
Onto a catchy title, edit and punctuate,
That is all to it, something for me to create!


  1. Ahh, the writing process. And, this month is almost at its end. My hope is you will keep writing even after this month so your words won't molder. Have a nice day.

  2. love it, something I would have written if only I wasn't so distracted by the whole process of writing

  3. i have found it is often the splinters that come to form and have the most meaning... very well done.

  4. Excellent! I'm feeling the same way - distractions are all around! Love this...

  5. oh yes, i am struggling to complete these creative exercises...but as the day fast approached i am hoping to make it...this one i loved, been awhile since i did an FF, may be next week.

  6. oh, that is so very good and creative...i can relate to each word you speak!!!...


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