Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ours! to cherish...

A spherical silhouette
Is ours to cherish
Earth, our planet,
And, we shan’t let it perish!

A balance so delicate,
Of many a element,
In a mix to create,
The prefect environment

She hums and she spins,
In the frigid space,
Amidst spatial ruins,
She holds up the brace,

She’s always nurturing
Cultivating her support,
Meantime enduring
All that we purport

Today, we should vow,
To foster and to revere,
In respect we will bow,
To this ‘life-giving’ sphere!

To save it for posterity,
Recycle, restore and renew
Immortal until eternity
We want it to be anew!



  1. ah-this is beautiful...you make her come alive in so many ways...


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