Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today is the day

To let things go
To go on your way
To reap what you sow
To grab the day

To stand up for things
To clear any self doubt
To let dreams take wings
To stop worrying about

To just slow down
To smell the flowers
To smile away the frown
To realize your powers

To remain content
To never lament
To grasp your talent
To live in the present

Today is the day for finesse,
To declare yourself a success,
Today is the day for progress,
Yes! Today is the day to be fearless!!


  1. i agree, there's no other like today..wonderful take on the prompt.

  2. wow that was a great poem! I feel stronger now than before I read it! :))

  3. very beutiful just like everyday should be....


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