Monday, April 21, 2008


A light breeze, across the field blows,
Life is standstill as the day slows,
Dusk begins to creep in above,
Spreading a dull gray all below!
Alone, perched there, is a black crow
and the umbrella sways, twisted like a bow
Trying to stay steady, facing a task uphill
the picture, frozen in time, sends a chill!


  1. it is a rather eerie picture i agree!!!

  2. One thing I love about your poem is that the picture to me was not eerie, but your words may me see the picture in a different light.

  3. How wonderful. I think Marcia is onto something here. I hadn't seen the picture as eerie until you brought different light to this subject. Thanks for allowing me to see something from your perspective. Have a nice day.

  4. i agree, the poetry made it eerie...thank you.


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